About Eta Chi

Members of Cal Poly Pomona’s Eta Chi chapter are both outstanding individuals and strong team players. As a unified framework, we envision tremendous opportunities in the years ahead, in constructing America’s most prominent business leaders. By continually enriching and steering one another in becoming successful members of society, we not only evolve as powerfully driven entities but also embrace the true meaning of brotherhood.


Eta Chi was initially founded at Cal Poly Pomona in 1969 and recently re-chartered in 2018. Our chapter of Delta Sigma Pi guides and shapes students to be strong business leaders of the future. As a premier business fraternity on campus, we dedicate ourselves not only to business but also to our community through community service events, social events, and numerous extracurricular activities. The 35+ brothers that make up the Eta Chi chapter are some of the most motivated students at Cal Poly Pomona and possess the assets and tools needed to become some the strongest business leaders of the future.


Founded on November 7, 1907 at the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance of New York University by then-students Henry Albert Tienken, Alfred Moysello, Harold Valentine Jacobs, and Alexander Frank Makay, Delta Sigma Pi was the second professional business fraternity ever established. Dissatisfied with the racial and religious qualifications to join Alpha Kappa Psi, the four founders sought to create an inclusive organization by and for business students. Since its humble beginnings, Delta Sigma Pi now has a network of over 260,000+ members committed to its principles.

Message from our President

Coming from a colony to a re-installed chapter with plenty of committed brothers, I am proud of where the Eta Chi Chapter has come. Not long ago, Delta Sigma Pi was a fraternity many had not heard of on our campus. Now, thanks to some of our alumni and brothers we are growing and transforming into a well-known fraternity on our campus. We are on a crucial time where we are setting our values and culture so that our impact is carried into the years to come. We are a co-ed Professional Business Fraternity with a professional environment all around in our events and in the way our brothers are recognized.

Our Brothers are a great focus for us and the fraternity. We aid in preparing brothers to become ethical leaders in the organization and their business careers. We want to empower and equip our members to achieve more for their goals, the community, and our brotherhood. I’ve had the privilege to meet many brothers from all over the nation in some of our conferences and it is remarkable meeting people who have the similar drive to support the core values of Delta Sigma Pi.

We welcome any business student who is looking to gain professional development, ethical standards, philanthropic service, leadership skills, lifelong relationships, and be around a diverse collective group. Take that next step toward your personal and professional development and become a member of this organization that believes in its mission and purpose.

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